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Makmi Group is a full-service communications agency dedicated to creating intelligent, authentic, and imaginative brand identity, marketing, public relations, and special event services to a wide range of forward-thinking business clients.
  • We value unique and unconventional approaches.

  • We are always curious and performance driven

  • We understand the market and the individual decision-making processes of our clients.

  • We don't replicate standard, existing modus operandi.

  • Our clients' success is the result of our original and integrated communication methods and uncommon solutions.




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Makmi Group is a team of curious and talented people who specialize in the following:
  • Brand Identity

  • Web & Mobile

  • Photography

  • Marketing

  • Visualization Services

  • Social Media

  • PR & Media Strategy

  • Event Design, Planning

  • Media Launches

  • Consumer Packaged Good


We build authentic, loyal and lovable brands with passion and love. We specialize in creation of new brand identities and revitalization of stagnant branding.

Social Media

We understand the importance of utilizing social media. Social media marketing must be comprehensive; therefore we engage, share content, and build trust. Makmi Group is highly knowledgeable in discovering potential customers online to help your company succeed.


As a results-driven agency we know how to incorporate proper positioning strategies within your campaign. We deliver a comprehensive understanding of how people shop, what influence them and what keeps them from buying. We improve the shopping experience, drive your customers loyalty and advocacy.

Photography & Video

We master the visual aspect of your brand. Our team blends creative needs with marketing goals and objectives. Photography reflects the essence of your brand as part of a sustainable and cost-effective overall marketing strategy.

Press & Media

We ensure that your PR and media plans mesh with your marketing and business-development goals. We connect your business to the people whose interests are most closely aligned with your brand. We know a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, so we practice the art and science of handcrafted PR and media marketing.

Special Events

We have pioneered an events planning model that is strategic, tactical and always successful. We distinguish the patterns, needs and actions that amaze our clients - each and every time.


Invisible Sun Entertainment

Branding, Design, Entertainment

LV Nails

Branding, Website

Yogic Habitat

Branding, Design, Photography

Urban Creativi-Tea

Design, Marketing, Photography

Colleton Great House

Branding, Design, Photography, Website
Our professionals have worked with the following companies: